Q:  How do I get featured on domessticated.com?
A:  I choose features from my browsing of blogs or from submissions I get via email from bloggers and readers just like you!  I actually prefer to feature content I "find" via your submissions (I'm lazy like that!), but I do not feature every submission I receive.  The most common reason I can't feature a submission is because the photograph of the finished product isn't clear or appetizing.  This is the best advice I can give you - TAKE THE TIME TO GET A PRETTY PICTURE!  It doesn't have to be perfectly styled or even perfectly lit, but it has to be clear and in focus in order for readers to get excited about making it!  I'm still very much a beginner with food photography, but here are a couple of things I've figured out so far:  1.  Get acquainted with your camera's macro setting.  I find it impossible to get an in-focus picture of food without it.  2.  Whenever possible, choose natural light over ambient kitchen light to avoid having your flash wash out your picture.  3.  Take lots of different shots.  Sometimes I like my plated shots; other times I find I like the way it looks in the pan before serving.  I once even took a shot of the mess made around a casserole after dishing out a serving.  There was food dropped on the table in front of the casserole and cheese strung out all over the place.  It looked pretty much perfect to me.  Don't think your pictures have to be always of a perfect, pretty, plate.  Be creative! 

Q:  Where do I get the 12"X12" acrylic calendar sheets you use in your magnetic menu board tutorial? 
A:  Oriental Trading Company sells a pack of 16 for 5 bucks!  HOWEVER, they aren't quite big enough to be a perfect fit (they're like a millimeter too small to fill the space) inside most of the wood frames I've tried them in, and that really bugs me. They'll work, but not perfectly.  Some people use double sided tape to secure them, but I don't like that because I like to change out the paper behind mine often.  The ones I use when I make my menu boards are a lot more expensive, but they fit beautifully into the frames. No fuss. Worth it to me.

Q:  I used to follow you on Facebook, but now it's gone!  How can I keep up via FB? 
A:  I'm in the process of getting a Facebook badge (is that what it's called?) up on the website.  In the meantime, you can link (and like!) here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Domessticated/131856126891320

Q:  What the heck happened with Ucreate Foods
A:  Ucreate Foods was a fun opportunity, and I had a blast working with Kari, Elizabeth & Jeana (while they were there), and Kari's sister Becky, whom I was just getting to know after she took over Ucreate With Kids.  I'm not entirely sure what happened, to be perfectly honest with you!  It is possible that Ucreate Foods wasn't growing as quickly as Kari had hoped that it would.  That will always bother me, because I hate to have been a disappointment to anyone, but I also really think Kari felt a little out of her element with the food blog, even from the very beginning.  In the end, she told me that she made the decision not to keep Ucreate Foods based on her desire to focus on what she knows best - crafts! - and I respect that decision 100%, because none of us can argue that that girl knows crafts!  I will always consider Kari a friend and mentor, and I will always be grateful to her for all that she taught me about blogging, even in the limited amount of time we worked together!

Ucreate Foods may not have grown as quickly as Ucreate Crafts did in its own first six months, but I personally am extremely proud of the growth the blog has experienced.  I'm so grateful to all my wonderful readers and I'm beyond grateful that I have the opportunity to keep it going and growing!  The best part about domessticated's split from the Ucreate empire is that I don't have to focus my creativity exclusively around food anymore.  Occasionally, I actually do something fun outside of the kitchen, and I'm excited to eventually be able to share some of these things with you all as well. 

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